Reimagining Climate Adaptation Summit


The Reimagining Climate Adaptation Summit, hosted in partnership with FutureEarth Australia, the Sydney Environment Institute, and the Institute for Culture and Society, discussed Australia’s need for an evidence-based policy response to the range of emerging threats posed by environmental change.

Day 1 – Knowledge Perspectives Across Oceania

Traditional Western approaches to major social, technological and policy change are typically dominated by formal, disciplinary and professional knowledge, guided through formal policy and political processes. While necessary, such a pathway is clearly insufficient for transformative adaptation, where impacts, responsibilities and the capacity and need to action change is distributed widely across societies.

Day 1 opened the urgent issue of transformative adaptation to climate change to a wider array of critically important knowledge systems and how these can be encouraged and deployed for positive adaptation, with particular emphasis on the deep knowledge and capabilities of First Nations people in Australia and across Oceania.


Opening Plenary
Panel 1: Knowledge Systems Across Australia’s First Nations People
Panel 2: Knowledge Systems Across Oceania
Panel 3: Knowledges and Transformative Adaptation

This event was held online in partnership with FutureEarth Australia and the Institute for Culture and Society on Monday 19 April, 2021.

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