Renewables and Rural Australia: Community Experiences in NSW

Hear from MPs and the authors of a major study on the social impact of large-scale renewable energy in rural communities as they launch their ground-breaking report and discuss the local and national policy implications of this research. Read the landmark report, ‘Renewables & Rural Australia: A study of community experiences in Renewable Energy Zones in NSW and the case for more equity and coordination of the clean energy transformation’ here.

The discussion is accompanied by slides, view them here whilst listening.


00:55   Introduction – Susan Park
03:35   An Overview of Australia’s Renewable Energy Zones (slides 2-6) – Linda Connor
08:15   The Rural Spatial Shift of Energy Generation (slides 7-11) – Riikka Heikkinen
13:25   Social License: Consultation, Compensation and Location – Joe McGirr MP
22:05   Social Impact Findings (slides 12-14) – Rebecca Pearse
29:15   Policy Recommendations: Regional Benefit Sharing (slides 15-18) – Dan Cass
35:50   Ensuring Community are at the Forefront of Transition – Alex Greenwich MP
40:30   The Domination of Market Forces in Transition Decision-making – Christopher Wright
45:40   Best Practice Examples of Community Collaboration
47:30   Who Gets Renewables and Why?
52:25   How Can Government Support Community Ownership?
55:55   The Decommissioning and Rehabilitation of Renewable Infrastructure


Dan Cass, The Australia Institute
Emeritus Professor Linda Connor, University of Sydney
Alex Greenwich MP, Independent Member for Sydney in the NSW Parliament
Riikka Heikkinen, University of Technology Sydney
Dr Joe McGirr MP, Independent Candidate for the State Seat of Wagga Wagga
Professor Susan Park (Chair), University of Sydney
Dr Rebecca Pearse, Australian National University
Professor Christopher Wright, University of Sydney

This event was held via Zoom on Wednesday 15 June, 2022.

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