SEI Annual Report 2020

SEI’s 2020 Statement of Activities.

2020 brought the reality of climate change to Australia’s doorstep and illustrated the increasing likelihood of intersecting crises. We started literally under a cloud – or, more specifically, the thick smoke of the Black Summer bushfires. Just as we began to process the gravity of the fires and the reality that billions of animal lives were lost, the world changed again. It was clear that there were intersections between these ecological and epidemiological crises and so SEI produced the Confronting Crises article series to address issues of inequality, the governance of crises, respiratory health and mental health, the nature of disruption and radical change – and more. In the midst of all of this, SEI went through its first official external review, championed multidisciplinary research from multispecies justice to sustainability on campus, engaged with researchers, NGOs and government to address urgent environmental policy flaws, and celebrated our researchers’ thinking through online events, arts festivals and podcast and video series. This report provides an overview of the activities that saw us engage with this research and the people who made it happen.

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