Te Mana o te Moana: Pacific Report Launch in Partnership with Greenpeace


‘Te Mana o te Moana: the State of the Climate in the Pacific 2020′ is Greenpeace’s landmark report exploring how climate change has impacted Pacific Island Countries; who is responsible; and what is needed to ensure that the people of the Pacific emerge stronger from the climate crisis.

At this Sydney Environment Institute online event in partnership with Greenpeace Australia Pacific, the experts behind the report provide the latest analysis of how the world is progressing on the aims of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, and hear the stories of Pacific island people on the front lines of the fight for their communities and the planet.

Download Greenpeace’s Pacific Report



00:00   Introduction and Acknowledgement of Country – Susan Park
04:25   Urgency and Importance of the Report – Auimatagi Joseph Moeono-Kolio
11:10   Holding Nations Accountable through Data – Nikola Casule
26:00   Experiences in the Pacific – Genevieve Jiva
31:10   The Future if We Follow this Trajectory
34:45   The Inequitable Impact of Climate Change
40:20   Holding Australia Accountable
49:40   What Strategies are Most Effective?
51:05   Pacific Community Response
1:07:45 Next Steps for Change – David Ritter and Auimatagi Joseph Moeono-Kolio


Auimatagi Joseph Moeono-Kolio, Head of Pacific, Greenpeace Australia Pacific
Genevieve Jiva, Coordinator for the Pacific Islands Climate Action Network, Climate Action Network
Dr Nikola Casule, Head of Research and Investigations, Greenpeace Australia Pacific
David Ritter, CEO, Greenpeace Australia Pacific
Professor Susan Park (Chair), Department of Government and International Relations, University of Sydney


This event was held via Zoom in partnership with Greenpeace Australia Pacific on Thursday 3 December, 2020.

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