The Aesthetics of Violence


We can’t call out violence in its myriad of forms if we don’t know what it looks like, what it sounds like, or what it feels like.

This panel discussion will explore the power of the creative and performing arts to transform abstract concepts of violence, into visceral, corporal experiences, and the responses these embodiments can evoke. Hear from prizewinning author Charlotte Wood and an interdisciplinary panel of artists, scholars and practitioners as they reflect on the many ways violence is represented in their own practice.

00:00   ‘the foul of the air’ Trailer
01:15   Introduction and Acknowledgement of Country – Killian Quigley
06:40   How Violence Embeds Itself Into Different Spaces
23:05   Ethics vs. Aesthetics
42:20   Framing Violence in Different Mediums
53:35   Violence, Beauty and the Sublime
58:00   Layers of Framing Within Spaces
1:01:20 Difference Between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Responses to Violent Landscapes
1:12:05 The Evocative Language of Legal Cases
1:16:30 Sonically Portraying Violence and the Audience as a Witness or Voyeur
1:24:40 ’And the Curtains are Blowing Slowly’ – Michelle St Anne, Will Hansen

Associate Professor Bruce Isaacs, Department of Art History
Dr Carolyn McKay, Sydney Institute of Criminology
Dr Killian Quigley (Chair), Australian Catholic University Melbourne
Michelle St Anne, Sydney Environment Institute and The Living Room Theatre
Charlotte Wood, Author

Will Hansen, Double Bassist

This event was held at the University of Sydney in partnership with The Living Room Theatre on Wednesday 3 March, 2021.

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