The Battle for a Future: Farming and Extraction


In the third event of SEI’s Communities on the Frontline Series SEI research lead Professor Susan Park sits down with farmer Tabitha Karp, gas expert Dr Madeline Taylor, and agriculture expert Dr Rebecca Cross, to discuss the regulatory failures of coal seam gas, the impacts of extraction on the regions’ ‘black soil’, possible co-benefits for farmers for carbon sequestration, and the future of agriculture in Australia.

01:10 Introduction – Susan Park
06:15 Experiences of Communities on the Ground – Tabitha Karp
16:20 The Failures and Burdens of the Extraction Industry on
Farming Communities – Madeline Taylor
26:35 How can Local knowledge be Harnessed for Natural Research Management? – Rebecca Cross
33:30 Busting the Myth of Environment Versus Jobs
36:25 The Future Between Farming and Energy Giants
40:00 Can Coal Seam Gas and Farming Coexist?
46:30 Should We be Slowing Down Mechanised Food Production?
51:30 The Threat of Zoning of Prime Agricultural Land
53:00 Conclusion

Dr Rebecca Cross, University of Sydney’s Institute of Agriculture
Tabitha Karp, Farmer from the Darling Downs, Queensland
Professor Susan Park, University of Sydney
Dr Madeline Taylor, Macquarie University

This event was held at the University of Sydney on Wednesday 25 May, 2022 in partnership with University of Sydney’s Institute of Agriculture.

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