The Invisible Now: Writing Crisis and the Future Imaginary

Warning: The podcast contains explicit language.

Just as COVID-19 has laid bare the racial, gender, and economic inequalities upon which our societies are built, the accelerating climate catastrophe has made the violence of capitalism and colonialism inescapable. Yet as social and political structures around the world buckle and break, writers are finding new ways of representing and interrogating the world we inhabit. What is the role of the writer in such a moment? What is the role of writing in helping us imagine and reimagine the future?

Writers Evelyn Araluen, Tony Birch, and James Bradley examine the power of writing during a moment of multiplying and interconnecting crises.


01:00   Introduction and Acknowledgement of Country – Chris Wright
02:55   Poem: Acknowledgement of Cuntery – Evelyn Araluen
08:40  Writing in a Time of Converging Crises
24:15   Growing Realisation That We’re Entwined with the Natural World
43:30   The Role of the Writer in the Age of Crisis
55:35   Creating Space for Both Grief and Hope
1:05:40 The Confronting, Violent and Horrific Reality of the Climate Crisis
1:19:15 Storytelling Through Different Mediums


Evelyn Araluen, Poet and Researcher
Professor Tony Birch, Author
Dr James Bradley, University of Sydney
Professor Christopher Wright (Chair), University of Sydney

This event was held via Zoom on Thursday 1 July, 2021.

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