The School Climate Strikes: What Does the Research Say?


An intergenerational panel of education researchers and activists talk about how the school strikes are challenging education to keep up with youth climate learning and activism.

In the lead up to the March 25th Global Climate Strike, this panel discussion launched the special issue of the Australian Journal of Environmental Education on the school strikes for climate. Read the issue here.

00:10 Introduction and Acknowledgement of Country – Peta White
03:00 Striking from School is Empowering Youth Led Learning
11:40 Intergenerational Activist and Academic Research
25:15 Collaborative Research Across Generations
34:00 Transforming Education to Empower Students
39:15 The Power of Research in Understanding Advocacy
45:00 Reimagining Education

Dr. Peta White (Opening), Deakin University and Australian Journal of Environmental Education
Alicia Flynn (Chair), University of Melbourne
Dr. Blanche Verlie (Chair), University of Sydney
Jean Hinchliffe, climate activist and School Strike 4 Climate organiser
Niamh O’Connor-Smith, climate activist and School Strike 4 Climate organiser
Harriet O’Shea-Carre, climate activist and School Strike 4 Climate organiser
Varsha Yajman, climate activist, School Strike 4 Climate organiser and Australian Youth Climate Coalition
Nita Alexander, James Cook University
Dr. Benjamin Bowman, Manchester Metropolitan University
Ria Bright, University of Waikato
Associate Professor Chris Eames, University of Waikato
Hannah Feldman, Australian National University
Dr. Joseph Ferguson, Deakin University
Dr. Chloé Germaine, Manchester Metropolitan University
Dr. Miriam Ham, Central Queensland University
Ailie McDowall, James Cook University
Dr. Karena Menzie-Ballantyne, Central Queensland University
Associate Professor Theresa Petray, James Cook University
Dr. Amanda Tattersall, University of Sydney
Jayden Wlasichuk, University of Guelph

This event was held online on Tuesday 22 March, 2022.

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