The Toxic Greed of Australia’s Gas-Led Recovery

NSW communities have for decades battled against an influx of large-scale resource extraction projects and fossil fuel industry adjacent developments. The 2020 formalisation of the Morrison government’s ‘gas-fired recovery plan’ has now solidified that the state and national reliance on gas will likely only increase.

This panel discussion highlights the risks and burdens of a Gas-Led Recovery in regional NSW. Examining the policy and social impacts of this decision, and of the current Australian trajectory more broadly, panellists take a community centred approach to the debate. In particular, the discussion will emphasise the importance of having this crucial conversation now to capture the opportunities for community-led growth and change in ushering in a just energy transition.

This event was part of the Sydney Environment Institute’s Extraction Series that probes the use, impact and future of gas, coal and lead extraction in Australia at a critical point in our changing climate. This event series is part of the Unsettling Resources research project that investigates the dependence of our energy use and systems on conventional energy and the global shift to renewables. Professor Susan Park, Research Lead on the Unsettling Resources project, opens the event.


00:50   Introduction and Acknowledgement of Country – Susan Park
04:15   A Farmer’s Long Fight Against Fossil Fuels – Rosemary Nankivell
09:10   Australian Government’s Fossil Fuel Order – David Ritter
16:15   Communities Consumed by the Bureaucratic Fight Against Resource Extraction – Gemma Viney
23:05   What Could a Future Without Gas Look Like? – Madeline Taylor
29:50   Empowering Rural Communities to be the Power Hubs of the Future
34:10   Santos and Narrabri a ‘Trojan Legal Horse’
49:00   More Needs to be Done About Methane


Professor Susan Park (Chair), University of Sydney
Rosemary Nankivell, Farmer on the Liverpool Plains
David Ritter, Greenpeace Australia Pacific
Dr Madeline Taylor, Macquarie University and Climate Council
Gemma Viney, University of Sydney

This event was held via Zoom on Wednesday 3 November, 2021.

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