Climate Politics in the ‘Trumpocene’


Professor Timothy Stephens from The University of Sydney Law School sits down with a panel of esteemed experts from renowned climate scientist Professor Michael Mann, activist and CEO of Greenpeace Australia Pacific David Ritter, and sociologist Professor Lesley Head to discuss the politics of climate change and the multidisciplinary approaches needed to tackle the greatest issue the world has ever faced.

This Q&A discussion wrapped the successful Climate Change and Climate Politics: Where to Now Workshop, co-hosted by SEI and The Balanced Enterprise Research Network (BERN).


00:00   Where is Climate Litigation Heading? – Timothy Stephens
06:30   The Moral Disparity Between Fossil Fuel Employees
13:25   Climate Science Merges Emotion and Rationality
18:00   The Pessimistic Reality of Environmentalism
21:55   University’s Social Responsibility
24:00   When will Polluting the Atmosphere Become a Criminal Offence?
28:00   Should Existing Institutions be Transformed or Completely Dismantled?
35:20   Mobilising Mourning and Grief
49:35   Closing Statements – Christopher Wright


Professor Lesley Head, University of Melbourne
Professor Michael Mann, Pennsylvania State University
David Ritter, CEO, Greenpeace Australia Pacific
Professor Timothy Stephens (Chair), University of Sydney
Professor Christopher Wright, University of Sydney

This event was held at the University of Sydney on 7 February 2017.

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