Towards a Just Transition from Coal in Australia?

This report presents the key findings from a research project which sought to understand how ‘just transition’ is currently understood in Australia, the challenges Australia will have to overcome to achieve a just transition away from coal and the opportunities for reframing just transition ideas in ways which stimulate productive discussions between different stakeholders and communities. The project drew on a review of the academic and grey literature, a series of semi-structured interviews with key stakeholders, and analysis of 355 media articles.

The report summarises the findings of the British Academy-funded project A just transition away from coal in Australia, funded under the British Academy’s ‘Just Transitions to Decarbonisation in the Asia-Pacific region’ programme. It builds on Dr. Gareth Edwards’ Leverhulme International Fellowship investigating the case for ‘Just coal?’, as part of which he is currently a Visiting Fellow at the Sydney Environment Institute.


Dr Gareth Edwards, University of East Anglia
Dr Clare Hanmer, University of East Anglia
Professor Susan Park, University of Sydney
Dr Robert MacNeil, University of Sydney
Milena Bojovic, Macquarie University
Jan Kucic-Riker, University of Sydney
Dan Musil, Western Sydney University
Gemma Viney, University of Sydney

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