Unravelling the Capitalist State


In this PhD Seminar, SEI Doctoral Fellow Anna Sturman draws upon her thesis to explore the capitalist state as a key terrain of inquiry for environmental and social justice movements. This analysis draws upon both the contemporary revival of state theory scholarship and on-the-ground responses from movements navigating rolling crises.


00:40   Introduction and Acknowledgement of Country – Blancher Verlie
03:20   Unravelling the Capitalist State
Discussion (Q&A)
37:30   Communicating the State’s Role in Climate Change
40:53   State Interventions During COVID and Lessons for Climate Change
43:00   Alternative Models for the Future
46:15   Material Barriers to Regenerative Agriculture
50:30   Prospects for Forming Solidarity Against Capital
54:15   How to Deal with Apathy
57:30   Can We Modify Capitalism Through Consumer Action?

Anna Sturman, Doctoral Fellow, Sydney Environment Institute
Blanche Verlie, Postdoctoral Fellow, Sydney Environment Institute

This event was held via Zoom on Wednesday 25 August, 2021.

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