Why Can’t We Talk About a Just Transition From Coal in Australia?

How is the concept of a ‘just transition’ understood? In the first event of SEI’s Communities on the Frontline Series, we hear from researchers and community on why a ‘just transition’ from coal remains a challenging idea to discuss and engage with in Australia.

This panel brings together community advocates and academics to talk about Australia’s use and export of coal in light of our commitment to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. This panel will present the results of a collaborative report by the British Academy and SEI on A Just Transition from Coal in Australia, which details how the concept is understood in Australia and what this means for climate action.


00:55   Introduction and Acknowledgement of Country – Susan Park
05:40   What is a Just Transition?
07:40   Communities’ Need a Plan and Certainty from Government
09:20   Supporting Communities at the Centre of a Just Transition
10:55   Who’s Affected by a Just Transition?
12:40   Empowering Regional Communities So They’re Not Left Behind
16:20   Public Ownership of Energy
20:25   Five Key Findings and One Warning
34:05   Australia’s Addiction to Fossil Fuels
42:25   Gradually Shifting Governments’ Attitudes
47:05   The Transition Is Inevitable but Will It Be Just?


Associate Professor Gareth Edwards, University of East Anglia
Wendy Farmer, Voices of the Valley
Jan Kucic-Riker, University of Sydney
Professor Susan Park (Chair), University of Sydney

This event was held via Zoom on Wednesday 6 April, 2022.

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