Wilful Ignorance


Drawing on the systemic mechanisms of violence they see emerging in their fields, an interdisciplinary panel, including award-winning journalist Jess Hill, share their insights into the ways that cycles of violence endure within our society.

To understand and dismantle human and non-human experiences of violence we must begin by addressing the broken systems and structures that not only perpetuate unchecked violence but allow us to remain largely in denial of its insidiousness. The heart of this work lays in recognising the legacies of injustice carried by the landscapes and people that surround us, regardless of the discomfort it invokes. In shedding light on the experiences of survivors, and rendering the invisible visible, we can begin to identify a path where the burden of that violence can be shared and lifted.

00:00   ‘the foul of the air’ Trailer
01:15   Introduction and Acknowledgement of Country – Michelle St Anne
06:10   Who Has the Right to Dignity? – Megan Mackenzie
20:00   Coercive Control and Writing About Violence – Jess Hill
35:20   The Weaponisation of Care – Danielle Celermajer
52:15   Violence on the Body and Within the Home – Michelle St Anne
57:35   Failure of the Family Court System
1:01:40 The Home is a Warzone
1:05:00 Is Violence an Individual or Societal Issue?
1:13:00 How to Foster Care for the Non-Human
1:17:45 ’The Natural Way of Things’ – Mary Rapp

Professor Danielle Celermajer (Chair), Sydney Environment Institute
Jess Hill, Investigative Journalist
Professor Megan Mackenzie, Simon Fraser University
Michelle St Anne, Sydney Environment Institute and The Living Room Theatre

Mary Rapp, Multidisciplinary Musician, Composer and Sound Designer

This event was held at the University of Sydney in partnership with The Living Room Theatre on Wednesday 24 February, 2021.

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