Writing the More-Than-Human

Today, a range of disciplines are discovering or perhaps acknowledging the many and marvelous capacities and qualities of beings other than humans, the complexity of their relationships, and the twin fallacies of human exceptionalism and individualism. Yet even as what or who we know is undergoing radical transformations, writers find themselves working with the languages and grammars forged to convey and compose worlds we would better leave behind.

Writers Alexis Wright, Danielle Celermajer and Hayley Singer dissect dominating writing forms and explore how to move beyond human exceptionalism when writing about more-than-human worlds. They reflect on their own writing practices and how they are navigating the challenge of crafting texts that open out to the adventures of living differently and living together that writing might reveal.


00:00   Introduction and Acknowledgement of Country – Blanche Verlie
07:30   Excerpt from The Swan Book – Alexis Wright
10:55   What Motivates You to Write?
23:00   Experimenting with Form and Language
35:25   Who Do You Write For?
55:50   The Next Direction For Writing
1:05:05 Giving Voice to the More-Than-Human


Professor Alexis Wright, University of Melbourne
Professor Danielle Celermajer, Sydney Environment Institute
Dr Hayley Singer, University of Melbourne
Dr Blanche Verlie (Chair), Sydney Environment Institute

This event was held via Zoom on Thursday 24 June, 2021.

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