Welcoming Event Coordinator Nathan Collins

The Sydney Environment Institute welcomes Nathan Collins to the team, who joins us as our Event Coordinator. Nathan’s role will see him organise, run and coordinate our events.

Image sourced via Pexel, CC0 license.

Nathan has a Bachelor Degree in Arts and Social Sciences, with a double major in Anthropology and Psychology from the University of Sydney. He is currently undertaking a Graduate Diploma in Psychology at Monash University. Nathan has a long-standing interest in the arts and loves attending the theatre. When he isn’t reading or seeing the latest horror film, Nathan is a budding baker and enjoys creating taste sensations for his family and friends.

Get to know more about Nathan’s environmental interests below.

What made you interested in working with SEI?

I was interested in working for the Sydney Environment Institute because the mission of SEI is extremely relevant to myself and our modern society as it provides an insight into the environmental issues of today by inviting more people to the conversation. I wanted to be apart of the ambitious and imaginative ways SEI collaborates and generates knowledge with other researchers, educators and everyday citizens.

What are the environmental issues or problems that most interest you?

I am most interested in those environmental issues that affect the lives of people within smaller developing communities. It’s unfortunate that smaller communities are being hit so hard by environmental changes but I believe it is important for their voices to be heard and the dangers that are facing them to be addressed. Coming from a background in Anthropology I understand that even though some countries may have the luxury of feeling one way about climate change there are those who are facing forced migration in order to avoid, rising water levels and changing weather patterns.

How do you do your bit for the environment?

I’m no Superman but I do try to do as much as I can to limit my direct effect on the environment. I’m an avid recycler and composter and someday soon I would love to own a hive of bees because they are such an integral part of the global ecosystem and I believe we should cherish and protect them.