Environmental Humanities

Pandemic Resonance and Indigenous Vibrations

Image from Sonic Vibrations animation made by Diana Chester, Melody Li, Saransh Agrawal and Abhimanyu Gupta.

This project uses animation, music, and sound design to explore the environmental impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic on people’s emotional and physical well-being while offering a soothing counterpoint to the constant bombarding we all face in the news. This counterpoint comes in the form of the healing vibrational power of indigenous music. This new creative work intends to reflect on and speak to the anxieties and strain of living in this pandemic moment but more broadly it will be used as an opportunity to bring focus to the importance of sonic vibration in our world and lived experience.

The project brings installation-based works into a digital arena so that it can be easily shared widely. It will bring together artists, indigenous and local musicians, and academics to develop an animated story that uses a playful and whimsical set of characters to illustrate the impacts sound has on our bodies, and to introduce and promote the healing properties of indigenous and native music from Australia, West Africa, and North America to a broad Australian and international audience.

An animation will be created in collaboration with Diana and Sydney based motion graphics artist and animator, Melody Li.

This project is being led by Dr Diana Chester, a Research Lead of the Sydney Environment Institute.