Environmental Humanities

Engaging with the Environmental Humanities

Image by Georg Herman, 'Small Motifs of Insects and Plants' (1596) via The MET

Beginning early 2018, Reading Environments is a new series of gatherings sponsored by the Sydney Environment Institute and open to staff and students from across the University of Sydney. Our common focus is the developing, diversified, and interdisciplinary field of the Environmental Humanities. Key concerns will be drawn from environmentally-engaged philosophy, art, literature, history, and so forth. Exemplary topics may include cultures of climate change; bioethics; animals; nonhuman temporalities; ecology and biodiversity; posthumanism; planetarity; etc. In our first term, we will sample a variety of works – academic and otherwise – that represent significant, but by no means exhaustive, features and futures of the field. Future selections will reflect the interests of salon members. Our method will encompass readings, structured discussions, free conversations, field trips, and other endeavours besides. Our materials will be drawn from sources critical and creative; textual and ephemeral; visual and other-sensory.

Our first four meetings of 2019 engage diverse matters and diverse methods, in Australian and international contexts. Aesthetics, fiction, ethics, the plastic arts, ecofeminism, photography, environmental education, and radical hope: these and more will intermingle in manners productively conversant, and productively discordant.

As always, we welcome attendees from all fields and academic levels, from within and beyond the University of Sydney. We hope you’ll join us.