Environmental Humanities

The Underwater Realms

Photo by Julian Villella on Unsplash.

Exploring underwater.

Against the background of the impact of climate change on oceans, our mission is to cultivate and make visible, through workshops, events, and publications, contemporary research into human interactions with the undersea, and into the legacy of human interactions from the past. Our interest is in the nexus of art and science in imagining oceans and the underwater.

‘The Underwater Realms’, is a project developed with humanities and science colleagues at the Universities of Sydney, Stanford and Vanderbilt. We have held conferences and workshops both at Sydney University and Stanford, and conducted research expeditions to the University of Queensland’s Heron Island Marine Research Centre and the University of Sydney’s One Tree Island Marine Research Centre. We are researching a book of essays exploring the multi-faceted impacts of human underwater explorations and imaginings on western culture from the early modern period to the present.