Environmental Imaginaries and Storytelling

Grounded Imaginaries

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The climate emergency poses a crisis of imagination, which poses a crisis for action. The problem is that dominant imaginaries – of stability, rescue and doom – fail to empower communities to develop forms of life capable of ethically sustaining themselves and beings other than humans as destabilisations intensify. A fourth imaginary, one holding out the possibility of relational, community-building and ethical forms of life under radically climate-changed conditions is, however, already incipient in the work of communities creating different sustainabilities, systems and material flows.

Working across three sites in Australia and India, this project will: amplify such grounded and transformative imaginaries; network communities involved in transformative action and enhance their capacity to communicate the systematic character of their approaches, and; equip young people to develop community-led systemic responses and produce effective communications about transformative projects. Fieldwork will draw out narratives about communities’  practices and the processes they have undergone to develop, sustain and adapt them. Working with communities and youth fellows, the project will produce stories using different media, including short films, community radio, artwork and written narrative. It will disseminate them across traditional and social media, targeting communities seeking to address climate-driven destabilisation, policy-makers and NGOs.

This project is made possible with the generous support of the V. Kann Rasmussen Foundation.