Anti-Mining Community Movements

By Dion Beetson, Unsplash

A pluralist exploration of Australian environmental justice.

This research project will examine the Australian experience of environmental justice. Despite significant mobilisation around environmental justice both in the US and internationally, scholars have not yet observed what can be described as an Australian environmental justice movement. While some Indigenous communities, climate activists, and local organisations have used the term, the majority of conversations around Australian environmental justice are currently happening within the academic sphere.

Instead, this research aims to invert the current ‘top-down’ research approach, by bringing collaboration with communities to the centre of the research design. Using a pluralist framing, this research will investigate how issues of environmental justice are being presently articulated by Australian communities, and build from this, a context specific framework for investigating environmental justice in Australia. This project also aims to directly resource communities through its research approach. The methodology has been designed around meeting the research needs of participating groups, ensuring that all data collected has weight as a tangible resource or output for communities.

This project is being led by Gemma Clare Vinney, a PhD Candidate with the Sydney Environment Institute.