Food Systems

Food Insecurity Across Sydney’s Inner Suburbs

This project forms part of the ARC funded FoodLab Sydney Food Business Incubator.

Project evaluation is critical for understanding the effectiveness of a project, and how successful it was at meeting objectives and deliverables. The purpose of this project is to conduct this evaluation, by capturing data measuring the effectiveness of FoodLab Sydney across three levels of change:

1) Wellbeing and capability change for program participants.
2) FoodLab Sydney acting as a social broker and improving the vitality of the Sydney Alternative Food Network.
3) A reduction in barriers to food entrepreneurship within the Sydney LGA.

Through this project we also intend to undertake the most in-depth analysis of food insecurity across the Sydney LGA to date. Doing so will enable us to better understand who is most affected by a lack of easily accessible, nutritious, and culturally appropriate foods

Find more information about the project at the FoodLab Sydney website: