Food Systems

The Sustainable Fish Lab

Sustainable ways of farming the ocean

Depleted natural resources, hungry people and geo-social disparities in access to good and sustainable food sources increasingly contribute to political problems around the world. Unstable weather patterns now routinely cause agricultural devastation.

Australia is, of course, the largest island in the world, and controls 14.7 million square kilometres of marine resources. Yet our understanding of the cultures of fishing is rudimentary.

The Sustainable Fish Lab brings together different models of sustainability. How can we reconcile scientific models of eco-sustainability with the cultures of local fishing communities and the budget-defined regimes of commodified ‘taste’ and ‘choice’?

This project undertakes a multi-level approach designed to bring together for the first time radically competing and often antithetical models and practices of ‘fish’ as they move from sea to table, laboratory to policy, farm to food.

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