Transition and Transformation

Climate Change Hotspots

Exploring stakeholder responses to climate change.

Photo via Shutterstock, ID: 152758541.

The physical effects of climate change are now becoming apparent within various ‘climate change hotspots’; specific locations and regions experiencing extreme weather events and fundamental changes in ecological baselines. This research project aims to generate new knowledge about how climate change risks are negotiated within such climate change hotspots by exploring how key stakeholders are influenced by and influence risk constructions, and whether and how the differing experiences of climate change affect risk construction.

In this project we focus on two specific climate ‘hotspots’; the coastal communities in northern Queensland affected by recent coral bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef, and communities on the NSW Central Coast impacted by coastal storms and erosion.

This project is expected to include collaborations with local councils and chambers of commerce, key industry groups (tourism, agriculture, property & building, fishing and coal mining), environmental and activist groups, local media, scientists and technical experts, and community organizations.